Ebike demonstration highlights the new EdgeRunner

    Since opening in December of 2014 Boise Electric Bikes has been getting people out of thier cars and onto their electric bikes. (BEB photo)

    by IOJ staff

    BOISE, Idaho — There’s a new bike shop in town and it as different from any other bike shop you have ever seen. Boise Electric Bikes (BEB) is committed to offering a wide array of the best brands available of electric bicycles and they stand behind their products with great warranties.

    Heidi Miller and her husband Mike believes that electric bikes can make a difference, even if it is only one ebike at a time.

    Their shop at 25th and Main across from Gil’s K-9 Bar in Boise’s developing West End, opened just before Christmas in 2014 with new and used electric bikes and an assorted collection of useful accessories that will improve any biker’s riding enjoyment.

    On Tuesday, June 30, Ross Evans, Xtracycle founder and CEO,  demonstrated the Limited Edition Bosch Electric EdgeRunner. He calls it “the bike of his dreams.”

    Many Boisean are finding travel on their electric bikes are an energy saving transportation options . (BEB photo)
    Many Boise locals are finding travel on their electric bikes are an energy-saving, and fun, transportation options . (BEB photo)

    Mike described the EdgeRunner as the most capable car replacement he has ever seen.

    During the demonstration BEB served cold beer, BBQ for veg heads and carnivores alike, good music and test rides with Ross.

    You can stop by and test ride a bike anytime or drop in on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and connect with BEB to see what has caught the biking public’s interest

    High quality and precision engineering

    Heidi said they like companies that build great products that make our customer’s lives – and the world – a better place. “Precise engineering and superlative production quality are important. Speed, range, technical specifications and price – these all matter,” she said. “At the end of the day though, it’s the way a bike fits your needs, how it makes you feel when look at it, ride and live with it that’s important.”

    Mike said that the bottom line for them is that these bikes help people get out their cars.

    “We recently had a couple that bought two electric bikes and sold one of their cars,” he said. “That’s what we love to see. People getting out of their cars and onto their bikes.”

    Electric bikes allow you to go farther, faster – with less work and more fun. They make cars mostly obsolete in urban settings.  You can haul everything you need, and still get where you have to go without breaking a sweat.

    There are heavy-duty bikes for getting around in the back country and other bikes for tooling around city streets.

    Heidi said an electric bike is a way to save money, get healthier and enjoy a higher quality of life.

    Quality service is important on a bike that gets taken out and ridden as much as an electric bike does. “To keep you rolling safely and sustainably, we’ve got a full service shop, and a commitment to keeping up on all the latest technology to keep your ebike investment in top shape,” Mike said.

    Extensive training from manufactures helps keep BEB customers rolling down the road up the hills. (BEB photo)
    Extensive training from manufactures helps keep BEB customers rolling down the road up the hills. (BEB photo)

    All new bikes come with a 6 month, “drop by anytime and we’ll take care of what you need” service voucher.

    “By sticking with the most innovative manufacturers in the industry, we are able to keep service length to a minimum,” Mike said. The top shelf ebike makers they work with include extensive training and service documentation for their dealers, which enables BEB to handle any problem that may arise, including warranty service and replacement of parts if needed.

    “We want you and your bike to ride happy, that’s why we are committed to providing the very best service,” Mike said.

    For information on Boise Electric Bikes’ lineup of bikes contact them at 208.908.8170 or like them on Facebook.