Trespassing poachers receive stiff sentences

    The Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) program was started in December 1980, receiving its official charter in January, 1981. The organization was established by concerned individuals under the guidance of Idaho Fish and Game.

    Steve Liebenthal – IDFG new release

    LEMHI, Idaho — Two of the four men who trespassed to poach deer in Lemhi County won’t be legally hunting in Idaho anytime soon.

    Chad Anderson of Heber City, Utah; Jessie Jolley of Rupert, Idaho; Kim Jolley also of Rupert, Idaho and Bret Peterman Paul, Idaho were sentenced in the Lemhi County Courthouse, in Salmon, Idaho earlier this month. They all plead guilty and were sentenced on their arraignment date.

    On December 7, 2014, conservation officers received a trespass call from a landowner near the town of Lemhi Idaho, who said hunters had trespassed and shot a deer in his field. The suspects fled the scene in two vehicles with the deer but were caught by conservation officers on Hwy 33 near I-15.

    When officers looked in vehicles they found the mule deer from the trespassing complaint, and parts and pieces of four other deer adding up to five total animals for only four hunters.

    IDFG conservation officers said four individuals were caught, tried and convicted in Lemhi County in February, 2015. IDFG photo.
    IDFG conservation officers said four individuals were caught, tried and convicted in Lemhi County. IDFG photo.

    Officers discovered multiple violations in addition to the trespassing, including tagging violations, taking mule deer during closed season, possession of unlawfully taken deer, failing to leave evidence of sex and species naturally attached to the carcass and purchase of a wrong class license.

    The majority of the deer meat was seized, and DNA samples were taken to determine their species as the mule deer season was closed.

    At the hunters’ abandoned camp officers found three of the deer carcasses. One had only the hind quarters and back-straps removed, while the rest of the meat was left to waste. Officers were unable to locate the fifth deer carcass at that time, but suspected another mule deer had been taken, based on the size of the hind-quarters. Officers were also able to matched up meat quarters from the suspects vehicles to parts found at their camp.

    Catching violators is a priority with IDFG conservation officers. IDFG photo.
    Catching violators is a priority with IDFG conservation officers. IDFG photo.


    Further investigation revealed Anderson was a non-resident who had purchased resident licenses and tags. Officers also learned that same suspect killed a mountain lion in 2009 without a tag in game unit 55 near the town of Albion, Idaho in October of 2009.

    An eventual confession led officers to the carcass of the other mule deer which was taken in the closed season. The suspects had dumped it along the Salmon River, and had left most of the meat, including both front shoulders, to waste.

    All four men pleaded guilty and received the following sentences:

    Anderson plead to taking two or more big game animals within a 12 month period, wasteful destruction of game, purchase of wrong class licenses and trespassing.

    – License Revocation: 7 years

    – Total Fines/ Fees/Restitution: $2,634

    – Jail: 180 days with 177 suspended for each charge.

    – Probation: 2 years

    – Community service: 40 hours

    Jessie Jolley plead to trespassing on cultivated private property and taking a mule deer during the closed season.

    – License revocation: 5 years

    – Total fines/ fees/restitution: $1,152

    – Jail: 180 days all suspended

    – Community service: 20 hours

    – Probation: 2 years

    Kim Jolley plead to possession/transportation of unlawfully taken wildlife.

    – License revocation: 1 year

    – Total fines/fees/restitution: $940

    – Jail: 180 days all suspended

    – Probation: 1 year

    Peterman plead to failing to leave evidence of sex and/or species naturally attached to carcass.

    – $72 in fines/fees

    In other Fish and Game news

    Trophy mule deer poached on outskirts of Twin Falls

    Kelton Hatch IDFG new release

    TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Department Fish and Game Officers in the Magic Valley are actively investigating a January 29, case involving a trophy-class mule deer killed during the closed season. The deer was likely killed on the night of Monday, January 26th or on Tuesday, January 27th.

    Based on witness information, it is believed this is a large trophy mule deer buck that was taken within city limits of Twin Falls. Portions of the meat were taken along with the head and antlers. Officers collected physical evidence at the scene but need the public’s help in identifying a suspect.

    “Someone in the area has a mule deer buck that was killed recently in their possession. We’re hoping someone has seen it and will call with information. The buck’s antlers are very unique and easily identifiable. We need some help on this one.” Said Senior Conservation Officer Jim Stirling.

    Anyone with information is urged to call either the Magic Valley regional office at (208) 324-4359, or the Citizen’s Against Poaching Hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Callers can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward for information that leads to a conviction.